Dr. Linda A. Hawkins


Providing supervision to clinicians in the field is one of Dr. Hawkins’ favorite areas of professional practice. Her philosophy is to assist professionals in developing their work to be a true compliment to their life in a way that helps them best serve their clients. Dr. Hawkins incorporates materials from her trainings and years of supervision work including articles, books, and multi-media sources into her supervision strategies.  

Dr. Hawkins has 10 years of experience providing supervision to students and clinicians in Counselors, Social Workers, Psychologists and Psychotherapists. This includes her efforts as the Director of the Counseling Program at The Attic Youth Center and through her role as Psychotherapist at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Dr. Hawkins is also an adjunct professor for the Center for Human Sexuality Studies at Widener University where she instructs a clinical supervision class for emerging sexologists.

Supervision rates vary based on the needs of the supervisee. Supervision meetings can be scheduled for 60 to 120 minute blocks. 

Please email hawkinslifeworksllc@gmail.com for supervision rates.  Discounts are given for students and individuals who are building their clinical hours for licensure. 

As of June 1st, Dr Hawkins will not be able to accept new counseling/therapy clients. If you would like recommendations for your counseling needs, please send an email briefly describing the counseling need, zip code and insurance provider (if needed) and someone in our office will reply within 5 business days.

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