Dr. Linda A. Hawkins


There are times in life when working with a counselor to provide additional support and/or guidance can be helpful.  Dr. Hawkins may fill that role for you.  You know yourself better than anyone can, and it will be my job to learn from you how best to help revive your coping skills, learn new ways of addressing issues and make plans for utilizing your strengths with future challenges.  In all, the effort is to bring you to being the best you possible.

With 15 years of experience in providing counseling, Dr. Hawkins has delved deeply into the following topics with individuals, couples and families:

Sexual & Physical Abuse
Sexual Orientation
Gender Identity
Goal Setting
Decision Making
Health Conditions (HIV)
Sexual Health & Wellness

Finding a good match with a counselor is like finding a great pair of jeans. It sometimes requires trying on a few before you feel really confident in the fit. To support this, Dr. Hawkins will meet with potential clients for one hour as part of this decision making process. If you decide to continue working with Dr. Hawkins, that initial hour will be added to your invoice for on-going counseling services  If you do not decide to continue working with Dr. Hawkins, she will offer additional referral options at no charge.

As of June 1st, Dr Hawkins will not be able to accept new counseling/therapy clients.  If you would like recommendations for your counseling needs, please send an email briefly describing the counseling need, zip code and insurance provider (if needed) and someone in our office will reply within 5 business days.

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