Dr. Linda A. Hawkins

Life is a team sport, thank goodness.

At times throughout our personal and professional lives, we need to invite individuals onto our team to assist with goals, challenges and/or growth.
If you are an individual, couple or family seeking counseling, a clinician interested in supervision, or an organization looking for an expert consultant and trainer, Dr. Linda A. Hawkins may be able to serve your needs.

The last 15 years have offered Dr. Hawkins a wealth of experiences in providing counseling to children, youth and families in the areas of sex, sexuality, gender, and trauma through The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and a local LGBT center for youth. During this time, she has developed numerous teaching and training offerings on these topics, as well as supervising clinicians who are developing these clinical skills.

As of June 1st, Dr Hawkins will not be able to accept new counseling/therapy clients.  If you would like recommendations for your counseling needs, please send an email briefly describing the counseling need, zip code and insurance provider (if needed) and someone in our office will reply within 5 business days.

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